Have you ever walked into a room with concrete and big panes of glass and thought, “I love this! I want to feel just like this at home?” 

Have you also walked into a home rich in patterned wallpaper and full of velvet and tassels and also thought, “I love this! I want to feel just like this at home?”

The great news is you don’t have to choose between the two styles when it comes to your own home.

Spoiler Alert: I’m absolutely certain I could live happily inside the Roman Pool at Hearst Castle and never miss a white wall again. 

You can take every style quiz you want, and it may tell you over and over, based on a random sampling of images, that you are, in fact, a Boho Chic plant mama. But, when you try to put this into practice in your home, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of covering your warm, white paint in fiber art. 

What I will tell you is this: if you love it, if it feels like home, if it holds memory or joy or passion, then it has a place in your everyday life. That feeling that you get when you walk into a home with the energy you have been looking for is one that says that whoever inhabited that place was authentic; maybe to a color, a time, a theme, but most importantly to themselves. You can have a stunning, cohesive home, even with several styles sharing the space. 

Good design will help you fill your spaces with the pieces or finishes that you love, finding a home for them through principles such as scale, color, or balance. 

Revel in the life you have loved. Live there, without any label except “home.” 

If you are ready to turn your peculiar favorites into your favorite features at home, then let’s talk!

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