We recently worked with a client to completely remodel their kitchen. It all started with beautiful inspirational photos that all had one thing in common: high ceilings. 

The good news: the best foundation for achieving a stunning design is good architectural features.

The bad news: this was a renovation of a 1932 home’s kitchen, with an 8-foot ceiling. 

So, we did what any good interior designer must. First, we had a heart-to-heart regarding the impossibilities. Then, we had a heart-to-heart regarding the incredible possibilities within the space and found a solution to create a kitchen they would love. 

The very best place to start in any journey, including a kitchen renovation, is right where you are, with what you have. Working with someone who has seen enough transformations to tell you what can be changed, and what must stay, is key. Often times, odd spaces and secret nooks that may have been junk collectors become the favorite moments in a home.

On this project, we combined clear communication, a great plan, and teamwork and made the impossible, possible! The homeowners retained the charm of the original home, and still gained the sense of modernism and convenience that they needed for their dream kitchen. 

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Henry+Mae will help you find ways to use what you have to the greatest possible advantage. We can’t wait to create a whole new feeling of home for you and your family.