Years ago, I was designing restaurant kitchens for chefs, from pizzerias and bakeries, to steakhouses and Asian cuisine. After so much time designing kitchens, I needed spice in my life. I needed flavor, earth, and music.

So, I quit my job and bought a ticket to Ecuador. Actually, I bought two tickets: one for me, and one for my then 4-year-old son, Henry. And away we went to Otovalo, Ecuador for one month.

Every Sunday, there was a street market where I found my spices. Huge burlap bags full of them. There were also Cotacachi leather goods, Peruvian wool blankets, and the live animal market. We went every Sunday we were there, and never tired of wandering and discovering inspiration in every stall. When we weren’t there, we were in our new home away from home.

We stayed in a beautiful inn with a small but rich community room, full of wood and stone and vases of wildflowers, and laughter. The place my son loved most (besides staring into the jungle from our balcony) was the place that most visitors passing through never see: the kitchen.

The laughter coming from the kitchen was more than passing; it was warm and it was home.

My son would hide in the curtain that separated the kitchen from the sitting room, and the staff would pretend they couldn’t see him. I could hear him shriek with laughter at their cries of “Mosca, mosca!” as they chased him out through the pantry hall.

We brought home from that trip a metal bell in the shape of a llama, a Peruvian wool blanket in rich reds and blues, necklaces carved from sucre that remain my favorite pieces these four years later. Most importantly, I brought home a fresh perspective and a renewed passion for the reason why I design.

Beauty is a side benefit, but the best part of design is seeing how a new, purposeful space renews passions, brings families together, and creates centers for meaningful connection and lasting memories.

If you feel that you are ready for a change; for more flavor, connection, and memories that your family will remember and carry with them always, then we’re ready to help.

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